Richard Thompson

Social Studies Teacher

Welcome to Mr. Thompson's Social Studies webpage!  

Please read the "Mission Statement" for my class (see below).  It will give you an excellent start to understanding how my classroom operates.  My goal is pushing students to achieve their potential and achieve highest possible level.  We work to achieve this with a heavy emphasis on reading and writing, directed and independent learning, traditional and innovative techniques.  If you are interested in knowing what we will be doing in class on any given day, please click on the grade level of your child and you will see the weekly calendar embedded on that page.  If you have concerns please contact me and we will work together to resolve any problems.



We are here to:

Study the past,

Learn from the triumphs of others,

Understand the causes of tragedy,

Be active, not passive citizens,

Develop our reading ability,

Become accomplished writers,

Sharpen our learning skills,

This is our mission!

The study of history is essential in developing citizens who understand contemporary issues with depth and wisdom drawn from familiarity with the past.  Without history, a society shares no common memory of where it has been, what its core values are, or what decisions of the past account for present circumstances.  If people lack a collective memory of the past, society can lapse into political amnesia, unable to understand what newspapers are saying, to hear what is in--or left out of-- a speech, or speak with one other about public issues. Developing a broad and deep understanding of history enriches individual experiences for students who will eventually take their place as stewards of a democratic society.  As inheritors of many cultures and members of an economically interdependent and culturally diverse world we also have a responsibility to understand those around us who may not always share our values.  The study of history helps develop these multiple intelligences.

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